We appreciate Speedway Children’s Charities for supporting Hanna Boys Center. Your continued support is now helping the boys in school, addressing their special treatment needs, and providing them an opportunity to learn about life lessons like sportsmanship and teamwork through our recreation program.

Sports and special activities have always played a big part in Hanna’s comprehensive program. Upon enrollment, each boy is encouraged to share his interests in the various sports we offer as well as join organizations such as the Hanna Culture Club. Here the boys learn about other cultures, enhancing their understanding, awareness and respect for others.

Boys are also eager to try their hand at the array of team sports including basketball, tennis, volleyball, swimming, baseball and soccer to name just a few. This yearwe were able to purchase new soccer uniforms for the boys. It is the first time in Hanna’s history that we were able to get both home and away soccer uniforms.

Thank you so much for investing in the boys and helping provide them with the tools they’ll need to have happy and successful futures.