Your support has made an immediate and profound difference in the lives of our apprentices and our program.

Recently, a parent of one of our apprentices said, “For the last five years I have not known my son. In the six months he’s been at Worth Our Weight I feel like I’ve finally gotten my son back.” Luckily for this fellow he had parental support. As you may know, many of the young people in our program do not.

Through your generosity our apprentices are able to have a small stipend, which supports them while they are learning basic culinary and restaurant skills. This is just a fraction of what your gift gives them. We encourage the apprentices to recognize their own importance. They show up on time. They work hard. They cook for each other, which translates into caring for one another. If you’ve never sat with us for family meal, I invite you to do so. In telling a new apprentice about family meal, one of the kids said, “Here, we eat like kings”. They have come to recognize good, healthy food as the norm in their own lives.

Thank you so much for supporting us. Please do come and visit.