When a family has a child diagnosed with a disability, they commonly experience feelings of confusion, isolation and have many questions as they try to figure out how to find the right services that will help their child succeed. Matrix Parent Network and Resource Center is a touch point in the community for those families of children with special needs or disabilities by providing resources, information and emotional support. There are over 24,000 children in the North Bay area and 9400 children in Sonoma County identified as having a disability. We are here to help families navigate the confusing world of services for their child and help them build their confidence and competence as they learn critical skills that help them become their child's best, lifelong advocate. Many studies have shown that children's success is closely linked by meaningful parent

Matrix is staffed primarily by parents of children with disabilities who have learned to successfully assist their own children through educational, medical and social service systems. Our successful peer support model is based on the belief that parents can learn many tools and strategies from families who have "been there".

A enormous thank you to Speedway Children's Charities which has been invaluable as it allowed us to expand our presence in Sonoma County, resulting in 338 families last year receiving 1:1 consultations and easier access to trainings and support groups. Here is some feedback from families in Sonoma County who have used our services.

"It was like getting a lifeline in the middle of the ocean- thank you so much!"

"As a PhD and 34 years of experience in Special Ed still did not equip me to work with my local school system when it came to my own kids. Matrix was immeasurably helpful to our family".

"We are so grateful that Matrix exists."