Sonoma County has one of the highest incidents in the state of alcohol related traffic accidents involving high school drivers. In an effort to combat this trend and help students make safer choices, Speedway Children's Charities brings a national program called Every 15 Minutes to Sonoma Valley.

Every 15 Minutes musters the efforts of local law enforcement, hospital staff, fire service, parents, school administrators, students and community volunteers to help teenagers internalize the tragic consequences of drunk driving.

The program includes a mock crash, rescue and drunk driving arrest witnessed by the junior and senior class of Sonoma Valley High School and an overnight retreat to train student peer counselors. The second day of the program every student attends an assembly where they hear from teen drivers impacted by drunk driving, parents of students lost in fatal drunk driving related crashes and watch a video of the preceding day's events.

Every 15 Minutes is powerful, emotional and gives high school students the chance to think about their actions in advance of making a life altering decision.

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