The work that the chapter does has such an impact on the Sonoma County community, and each year I see that impact expand.

Each year, many of the board members do a site visit to one or more of the funded groups. I love to see the programs in action. It really makes all the difference to see where the grant money goes and how it comes to life.

Last year during my site visit, I witnessed children learning how to clean a creek bed, write poetry about how important it is to protect the outdoors and draw pictures about the creek and what it means to them to spend the day learning about the plants and habitat in the area. The group was efficient and organized, which made me feel confident that the funds raised each year go to the best programs possible.

I have also been fortunate enough to be a part of several events that the Sonoma Chapter holds. Each event is so unique and it really is a great way to give people the opportunity to meet and greet drivers and offer them chances of a lifetime, whether it be unique signed memorabilia or a ride around the track with a driver.
It is through the hard work of Speedway Children's Charities that we are able to make dreams come true both for youth groups in Sonoma County and for the fans who participate in the wonderful opportunities that Speedway Children's Charities provides.

Jennifer Imbimbo
Manager, Media and Community Relations
Infineon Raceway